The Home of Coffee

From coffee farms on the slope of Kilimanjaro to your cup – anywhere in the world.

Kitamu Africa



Kitamu’s new location is famous for its Afrocentric design yet modern feel which makes it the cutest café in town, The aroma of the best coffee and African cuisines will welcome you while our super friendly staff attend to you. While you enjoy browsing our fast and reliable internet.


At Kitamu café we house the best coffee in Arusha driven by our boundless curiosity and passion for all things coffee. We coax it to its fullest expression by selecting meticulously roasted beans and brewing it to perfection.


We are the cutest café in town with an ambient feel and high standard hospitality kitamu always has a beautiful crowd, Come and have a delicious meal, a cup of coffee or dessert while you meet and greet.

Why Kitamu

Best coffee ever tasted

Our brand passionately sources from the best coffee farms in Kilimanjaro to bring you a variety of quality-roasted coffee wherever you are.

Every cup of Kitamu coffee started from a farm with growers who share the same drive and dedication for their craft as Kitamu do. In an effort to give you the best, Leah visits all of the farms we buy from as well as other coffee producing areas to develop and maintain real and lasting relationships.

The story of our coffee

Our rare and high quality coffee is Cultivated on the foot of the tallest mountain in Africa where it is carefully monitored from the ground up to bring nothing but purity and perfection in your cup.

The aroma of our meticulously Roasted and brewed to top standard coffee will leave you with a coffee experience like no other.

Get the food delivered to you

Introducing online food ordering

Now you can order food from any where any time. Whether its a pickup, order ahead, delivery or table reservation, our system will make it super easy for you. Then your order(s) are received and processed in seconds.

  • Table reservations
  • Online orders and tracking
  • Variuos payment options from cash, card to mobile money
  • Get orders, discounts and other promo deals by restaurant
Kitamu Special


Maasai traditional style Grilled juicy lamb chops served with a side of cassava fries 18,000 TSH

A Peek About Kitamu


Open daily from 7am – 10pm
Drop by for a coffee or bite to eat,
for larger groups call ahead.

We have wifi!

Please call for cake orders.

Goliondoi Street | Plot NO 5/E, Arusha, Tanzania

Phone: +255 (0) 786 487 727

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